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Meet Kappa Electronics!

On February 22, 2016, three of the industry’s leading experts in motor control came together to form a new consulting company. Kappa Electronics was born with the mission of advancing the cause of motor control technology by helping our customers get to market quickly, affordably, and with the latest technology in hardware and software design of motor control systems.

Introduction to Kappa

How Can We Help You?

Whether you need a turnkey motor control solution, or just a little training to catch up on the latest technology, Kappa can help.



The Kappa Team

As former employees of some of the largest semiconductor companies on the planet, we have been doing motor control seminars around the world for years; in some cases, over 20 years! We do both customized training for your company staff, or from time to time we do regional training events.


The Kappa Team

Despite their simplistic functionality, motor control system requirements can be very demanding. The embedded software requires that system signals be sampled with extreme precision, and new outputs must be calculated within microseconds. The gate driver circuits which control the power transistors must be carefully designed and laid out, or unwanted ringing and oscillations will result. Many designs require high voltage and high current to power the motor, which often results in unwanted switching noise being coupled into sensitive input signals.

As former motor control applications engineers, we understand the demanding requirements of motor control designs, and know what to look for when your system starts acting temperamental. For example, we just recently helped a customer exterminate a well-hidden bug in their 2 kW inverter which turned out to be a noise coupling problem. By simply grounding some capacitors to a different part of the circuit board, we were able to eliminate their problem. Any consultant can find the obvious bugs on the surface. But because of our applications engineering experience, we can often find the deep bugs that others leave behind.


Many companies don’t have the resources to design their own motor control systems, but instead choose to use a reference design from a semiconductor manufacturer, or buy a third-party solution. But navigating through the myriad of options and control topologies can be very confusing, even if you do know a little bit about motor control. Should you use trapezoidal control, or Field Oriented Control? Do you need a shaft sensor, or can it be sensorless? Is efficiency important for your design, and if so, what are the design criteria that affect efficiency? Again, Kappa can help you make the best decision based on your system requirements. And then after you have made your selection for a system supplier and control topology, Kappa can perform an independent evaluation of the solution and generate a detailed report of its performance measured against your design requirements. We can often identify issues at the beginning of the design cycle, saving you months of productivity by finding problems early.

The Kappa Team


Whether you are a large company who needs a little more resource bandwidth to finish a project, or a small company that needs a complete turnkey solution for controlling the motors in your product, Kappa should be the first place you call for help. We can take your visionary concept and turn it into a full-fledged production solution, including the hardware design, software design, board layout, product testing, and more. Let us take the worry out of your motor control design, and free you up to deal with the more important aspects of running your business.

The Kappa Difference

So how is Kappa different from other consulting firms you may have dealt with in the past? For one thing, motor control is not just a job for us... it’s a burning passion that we share! Every customer design we do, and every customer problem we solve, is a manifestation of this passion. It’s our way of advancing the field of motor control; by making sure you succeed! Please give us the opportunity to demonstrate that these are not just high-sounding words. Let us personally show you the Kappa Difference!

Our Mission

You may remember us from the motor control seminars and YouTube videos that we did while at Freescale, Microchip and Texas Instruments. Now we are excited to tell you about a new Motor Control Consulting Company that we started. Although we most recently worked as motor control applications engineers for TI, we are not explicitly tied to TI products. We have expertise across multiple product platforms including TI, Freescale, and Microchip. Between the three of us, we have over 60 years of collective experience designing and debugging motor control systems. Our mission is to provide turnkey motor control solutions and customer training which includes theoretical background, simulation collateral, and silicon based design support (both hardware and software) to enable our customers to get to market faster.

One of our unique attributes is that we are not interested in “designing-in” job security through confusing code and cryptic documentation, but rather strive to completely educate our customers on how our solutions work, to create a better and smarter engineer who is capable of designing and supporting their own designs in the future. We not only provide the code itself, but an explanation of the code, background theory on the topic, a simulation of the code (which runs on a free open-source simulation tool for your use), and instructions on how to test the code on a compiler and target of your choosing. We can also provide hardware design support (both analog and digital) and a customizable GUI interface for your product if desired.

If you think there is a possibility we could help you get your product to market faster, and train you to become a smarter motor control engineer in the process, we would love to hear from you.